Just read this article by Steven Wyble at Nisqually Valley News and with the newest records from the census bureau it appears WA state is the 7th fastest growing state in the nation! Looks like people continue to desire to move to our moderate climate and live in our beautiful landscapes, I cant blame them.

As stated in the article:

Yelm is the fastest-growing city in Thurston County, according to Grant Beck, city of Yelm community development director.

Yelm has weathered the economic downturn well. The city’s proximity to Joint Base Lewis-McChord has partly protected it against the downturn, Beck said. It’s also benefited from a southward migration of people in the state. “As pressure builds for housing up in Seattle and in Pierce County, people are looking farther and farther south for affordable housing choices,” he said.

“Lacey and Yelm have been the first cities to feel the effects of that migration because they’re the northernmost cities in Thurston County, he said. Lacey and Yelm have been the fastest growing communities in the county in the past 10-15 years”

That is good news and shows that the housing market is still going good here in Thurston county, the proximity to Seattle and Tacoma as well as the strong legislative presence is a good thing if you are thinking of selling, buying or investing in Thurston County Real Estate.

You can view the entire article here: Yelm seeing rapid growth 

Jason Vizzini is a Realtor with Van Dorm Realty in Olympia, WA  as well as main contributor on sellthurston.com He specializes in marketing homes using the web, social media and advanced marketing strategies.